Friday, December 5, 2008

Meet your Robot Overlords! Introducing the Ripsaw

A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine pointed me towards Defense Tech. Right there on the first page was something that both awed and terrified me.

It all begins with a little remote control machine called the Ripsaw. I had actually heard of the Ripsaw before. It was originally designed to participate in an unmanned desert race by these twin brothers up in Maine. It turned out to be a great all-terrain vehicle. Check it out below saving a Hummer from certain doom, itself an action that I disagree with on principle, thus proving it evil.

In the back of my mind, I always knew that this little beastie would be a herald of the Robot Apocalypse. Therefore, I should not have been surprised to learn that they've put a gun on this thing!

You can find more videos of this thing on you-tube, and watch it escort it's command center around.

Where this really gets scary is when you apply some of the technologies that they're working on for UAV's to this. Apprenticeship Learning and autonomous navigation capabilities could make this critter very, very scary.

Also, their love of Heavy Metal does nothing to reassure me that they're not 'Ok' with the demise of human-kind on the basis that it's the most brutal thing they could do. Crappy Limp Bizkit soundtracks raise even more doubts.

Via Howe and Howe via Defense Tech


qtilla said...

What is douchier than helping a Hummer? Helping them to a Limp Bizkit (this is how I assume that is spelled) soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Yea. That, is in fact, arguably the scariest thing about these videos. Who would make robots to take wipe out mankind?

Why, a douche of coarse.

Who listens to Limp Bizkit and helps or owns Hummers?

Wow, that would be a Douche.

I fear for our future.