Saturday, December 6, 2008

Auto-Kill Zones: Not a band name.

According to The Danger-Room, Israel has set up "Auto-Kill Zone" towers along their border in Gaza. Essentially, these are towers laden with sensors and automated weapons. According to the article, a single person can oversee several of these, and essentially flip a switch once a target has been verified that will kill intruders.

I recognize the need for border security, especially in places like the Israel-Gaza border. There's just something about this situation, however that seems... I dunno. Maybe 'wrong' is the word I'm looking for?

Firstly, the idea that a people who suffered systematic genocide are so readily willing to employ automated killing machines seems somewhat ironic to me.

Secondly, I'm one of these people who's of the opinion that the 'press a button to bomb a village on the other side of the world' form that war manifests in these days leads to sociopathic tendencies.

Hey, I know that there's dirty rotten bastards out there, and our troops need the best tools at their disposal to deal with it. It's just that I'm just one of these old-school 'Thou shalt not kill" type of guys. Nevermind me. My ideals are old and antiquated.

Via The Danger Room


qtilla said...

That seems like a horrible accident waiting to happen. Also directly stolen from the best movie ever: Doomsday.

Zid, who is 100% human and totally not a robot. said...

You know, I hadn't realized that until you mentioned it. You know, back in January, I saw this.

It seems to me that Israel may be getting their defense strategy by watching American Sci-fi movies.