Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm not terribly clear but...

I think this is the dance our robot overlords will do upon our puny human graves:

Thanks Laughing Squid. I'll never sleep again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wire-Free Killing Spree

It Rhymes, Yea!

So, I told my parents about this technology when they first started working on it a couple of years back. They laughed at me. My brother did too.

Well, here's a working demo, guys...

Outfitted with this sort of technology, you can say goodbye to those bulky power-sources of the past.

Of coarse, the ramifications of this sort of freedom are obvious. In a few more years, they'll be able to do this sort of thing long-range. Combine this technology with Little Dogs, and they'll be able to hunt you all day without running out of juice.

Wireless Doom, baby.

Via Gizmodo

Robot Apocalypse Mailing List

For those of you that were on the original mailing list, horrah! I think I've got it set up now so that it will come to you guys automatically now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

HAL? Are you effing kidding me?!!

Below is a HAL suit (Hybrid Assisted Limb).

Another creepy android from Japan- via Boing Boing.
This is exactly what this sounds like. Creepy creepy creepy.

Evil android children will be attacking us on our wrinkliest front- the elderly. I think we should start a new group- People Against Leaving the Elderly at the Mercy of Robotic Evil (PALE MoRE).

I'm sorry Drew, I'm afraid I can't do that [by which I mean watch this video again] .

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Skynet, now Cyberdyne.

Apparently Japan, like England, isn't up on their apocalyptic sci-fi corporation names.

Thanks Japan, you gave us lots of poo porn and now robotic exoskeletons. Mass production goes into effect Friday.

Robot overlord drag or baby-steps to the apocalypse; you decide.

Check out that hot robo-ass. There's no shame, girl! RAWR!

Via i09.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Robot Apocalypse Mailing List

When I started this blog, I promised that I'd keep up the email mailing list. Well, it seems that I've made a liar of myself, up until now. Hopefully, whenever I publish it'll distribute it to the mailing list.



Guess it's not working. No mail for you!