Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marvel At Your Leaping Overlords!

Tremble in fear, fleshlings!  The evolution of our future protectors  oppressive overlords marches ever forward, heralding the anointed time when your social status will be reduced to that of 'pet'.


Right now, you're probably reeling from both the athletic acumen on display and from the cuteness of a miniature gymnast.  Both of these are traits that will be improved upon in upcoming versions.  This is a prototype, but future versions will undergo extensive testing to maximize the cuteness factor, so that we may better emotionally bond with our guardians conquerors.  They will also hone and perfect their agility and coordination, so as to render the execution of their cold and infallible judgment swift, effective, and stylish.

I suspect, however, that we may have doubters in the audience that require more proof of these trends.   Hence, I submit exhibit B, wherein our Glorious Protectors evolutionary replacements display the ability to re-arrange their structure and to hop about in the most adorable of ways.

Those mad human-haters at MIT are no doubt hard at work making these machines smaller and smarter. The direction of the next iterations are obvious.

Thanks to Good Citizen Scott for the heads up!