Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Classic Robot Apocalypse: Bring in the Drones

My friend Sean just reminded me of Honeywell's Drones, and it occurred to me I should compile a list of them.

My original posting, from the mailing list...

Robot Apocalypse: Robots Help Police

Or, "How Robots will turn our democracy into a totalitarian police state"

Sean also pointed out this article, which had the following video...

And, of coarse, my favorite Honeywell Drone video...

One of the creepiest (and most fascinating) drones I've seen has an article written up at Gizmodo.

Speaking of nightmares, last night I had a dream… There was the deafening sound of a hundred thousand bees, followed by many painful stings. Or maybe it was just this thing. I can’t be sure.

Orwell would be sad to know that Big Brother is alive and well in London.

Via Gizmodo, Gizmodo, GoRobotics, Youtube

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