Monday, January 23, 2012

Quadrotor Nightmares

Ladies and gentlemen, I find that is my regretful duty to inform you of new developments in the downfall of humanity as we know it. The treacherous heathens at GRASP Laboratories (which functions out of the University of Pennsylvania) have been toiling long and hard to ensure that you, the working man, are doomed to dwell in the ranks of the squalid underclass once our Robot Protectors Overlords stage their glorious revolution coup. What I am referring to, of coarse, is the research into Quadrotor-swarm tactics by the duplicitous Daniel Mellinger, Alex Kushleyev, Vijay Kumar, and Max Likhachev. While I'm sure that their actions are not intentionally malicious, they are traitors to the human race by virtue of their deeds, which are chronicled below. You should make careful note of the sound that these diabolical creations make. It may save your life some day.

This nefarious team has even managed a feat that would make Dr. Wiley proud.   Their new robots are certain to ensure unemployment for blue-collar workers.   Watch in terror as their hive-mind shows off its technical prowess in what can only be considered a warning shot over the heads of the hard workers of the world.

No doubt, that dreadful buzzing sound is the herald of dystopian future where the majority of humanity lives in abject poverty under the shadow of glorious, towering cities of glass and steel.

God help us all.

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