Monday, June 28, 2010

Why would you do that?!

Oh my god, they're going to kill us all!

In our sleep!

Wearing creepy baby masks!

This is exactly like those horror movies where scientists build robots, teach them about life and what it's worth, and then proceed to be murdered viciously by their own creations. How can you not see this coming?

Pulled shamelessly from Bot Junkie.


Pippa said...

ACK! the robot catching is cool but scary, but the creepy baby mask? why!!

sarahconnor said...

Thank the Gods I've found some sane people, fighting the good fight. Here in Northern Ireland, my friends worry about lizard people(david icke)and my boyfriend wants to build a fracin' toaster! He is currently more concerned with the zombie apocalypse(as if...) Being a technophobe and scientifically challenged, I'm relying on good world citizens such as yourself,to help me better understand and spread the word. All hail the prophet wayne coyne and his flaming lips.

Anonymous said...

its good to know that there are other people who think the way i do about the inevitable robot apocolypse. zombies are decades from being a viable threat but robots evolving at break neck speed are a major threat. u have my support but i will remain anonymous so all google (i think google will be a prime brain during the robot take over) has to go off of is an ip address that is in no way linked to me, considering it is a public computer. but keep up the good fight