Monday, June 15, 2009

Warning: Nightmare Fuel Enclosed

Gosh, those Israelis keep building scary things. First, they build Auto-Kill towers, and now they build exploading snakes!

You heard me right, folks. Exploding Snake. This is something I wish they'd warned me about in boy scouts.

"Now this, kids, is a rare Israeli 'Spload'n Sidewinder. Watch what you say 'round em', boys, he'll report you in to Uncle Sam. And if he doesn't like the cut of your jib, he'll blow up in your face!"

Seriously though. I no longer have any doubt that we are living in the future

A future with frigg'n exploding snake robots.

Channel 2 Via Jeruselum Post via Engadget via Bot Junkie


Ron said...

Yes, this is a future with exploding snake robots.


Zid, who is 100% human and totally not a robot. said...

Pretty darned cool. In the future, our children won't be able to concieve of a world in which snakes don't explode.