Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Classic Robot Apocalypse: Robots that Lie

This is a good one, pulled from the mailing list a couple of months back .

This is one of those articles that makes you think. You can find it here.

When I first started looking into neural networks, I became a strong proponent of emergent behavior. I remember being really intrigued by the premise of this experiment when I heard first heard about it. Then I read the article and was truly horrified. These robots had learned to lie! On their own!

Of coarse, this experiment was set up in a purely competitive environment. The real world isn't like that. If you dig deeper into the sources of the article, you'll see that they found that cooperative strategies started to evolved when they subjected the robots to forces of group selection.

This study's even more interesting than that, however. This experiment was designed to study the conditions that give rise to the evolution of communication. Here, read this. And then read this.

See how it's simultaneously deadly and intriguing? That's how your doom will be. Both interesting and doom-y.

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